Welome to ERIE ISLAND CARTS. We invite you to browse through and reserve the cart that is right for you. Please Note: ALL OFF SEASON DISCOUNTS WILL BE APPLIED WHEN SELECTING THE DATE OF YOUR RESERVATION. RESERVATIONS MADE THE SAME DAY AS YOUR RENTAL DATE ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Creating an account will help us service you better and expedite your rental on the day of your visit, or feel free to shop as a guest.  You must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license in order to rent a cart.  Golf Carts are licensed motor vehicles on Put-in-Bay and the same rules apply as driving a car. 
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4 Passenger Cart ~ Overnight6 Passenger Cart ~ Overnight Rental

Enjoy your 4 passenger golf cart for the day you pick it up and return it by noon the following day!  (ie:  Pick up on Monday and return by noon on Tuesday.)

Enjoy your cart all day and into the night!  Pick up your cart and enjoy it all day  and return by noon the subsequent day.  (ie:  pick up your cart on Monday and return by noon on Tuesday)